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Temperature map of Petrozavodsk

   We present you a Project of creation of temperature map of Petrozavodsk. To my mind it is rather interesting how much is the difference in air temperatures between various regions of a city. Such factors as wind direction and strength, pressure, humidity, season may be taken into consideration.

Temperature in Petrozavodsk
current temperature

   All you need is to properly fill the form (in russian). You should answer the following questions:
  • How much is the difference in degrees between your home thermometer and thermo device?
  • Where is your building located in Petrozavodsk? (choose the region)
  • Side of the building where home thermometer is maintained (northern, western, southern, eastern).
  • Floor of your flat/office.
    Of course, every certain measuring device has its own accuracy, but if we statistically treat all your data, the results will be reliable. The first part of it will be published in a month. The more data obtained the more accurate map will occur. Thank you and you are welcome to participate in data aquisition.
    The results of this Project are presented only in Russian.

 Support: Lab127 team